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Faculty on jobs posted on 29th July 2018:

  1. AAA College of Engineering and Technology, Sivakasi, Wanted Assistant Professor => https://www.facultyon.com/2018/07/faculty-on-aaa-college-of-engineering-technology-sivakasi-wanted-assistant-porfessor.html
  2. DMI Engineering College, Kanyakumari, Wanted Teaching Faculty Plus Non-Faculty => https://www.facultyon.com/2018/07/faculty-on-dmi-engineering-college-kanyakumari-wanted-teaching-faculty-plus-non-faculty.html
  3. Apollo Polytechnic College, Chennai, Wanted Lecturers / Lab Assistants => https://www.facultyon.com/2018/07/faculty-on-apollo-polytechnic-college-chennai-wanted-lecturers-lab-assistants.html
  4. Sakthi Mariamman Engineering College, Chennai, Wanted Assistant Professor => https://www.facultyon.com/2018/07/faculty-on-sakthi-mariamman-engineering-college-chennai-wanted-assistant-professor.html